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Who Is Hart & Hive?

Hart & Hive was founded in 2017 by Thomas Hart, a graduate of Industrial Design at OCAD University in Toronto Canada. He recognized a need for young and emerging talent to have a space to sell the things they love to make and be promoted as designers and makers. Thomas always loved to create but was having trouble finding the appropriate venue to sell his products in, so he decided to create his own. His vision was to also create a platform for freelance designers to get noticed and get hired all while celebrating traditional craftsmanship and sustainably produced goods.

Hart & Hive is a play on what traditionally might be "Hart & Co." but we found our business was formed more like that of a beehive than a traditional corporate structure. We are a hub of design, with many people working both independently and collaboratively for the common goal of making Canadian designers more prevalent on the world stage.

Hart & Hive strives to stand out by selling only the highest quality products, made with love and passion by people who care deeply about what they do. Our products are something you can feel good about buying because by doing so you are supporting independent makers and designers that have spent thousands of hours honing their craft. Handmade products have a certain look and feel, with an inherant personality that you cannot find in mass produced, machine-made goods. We are confident in our hope that you will cherish the products we sell for a lifetime and pass them down the generations like we use before goods were made so cheaply that we could not be certain we would still have them the following year.

Whether you shop with us online or in store, we look forward to providing you with something you will never find someplace else.





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