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Bespoke Leather Goods

With years of experience working as a soft goods designer and his keen interest in the tradition of leather craft, Thomas is happy to discuss and custom leather goods projects you have in mind. Whether you are seeking a fashionable handbag, a custom case or holster or something you've never seen, but only imagined, it is likely a project Thomas is read to tackle. 

Typically, he specializes in high end goods, using traditional techniques to handcraft the leather goods. This often means stitching everything by hand, custom dying material, wet forming leather around moulds and finishing the edges to a smooth hand burnished finish. 


If you are considering having a custom leather goods crafted in our studio, here are some points to ponder before we begin working together. 

  • One-of-a-kind items require a similar design process of sketches and pattern making as well as material sourcing, these aspects must be considered in the final price, not solely the labour of making the item. 
  • Everything is less expensive when purchased in bulk, so the hardware and other materials purchased for your item will l often need to be bough at retail prices.
  • The process of design to delivery can take anywhere from 3-12 weeks depending on the complexity of the project or the materials that need to be sourced for it. 
  • If you have budgetary constraints there are some options to reduce costs, such as machine stitching where appropriate and using hardware made from inexpensive alloys instead of the preferred solid brass options. 
  • If you are requiring a leather good that fits with another product, such as a knife holster or camera bag we may be able to work from photographs and your own measurements, however there may also be times where we need the physical object to insure a proper fit.


Custom made leather bag


This time lapse video shows and overview to the process of designing and making a leather backpack by hand. For your reference, the final cost of this item was $850, some of the aspects which make this a higher end piece would be that it is completely hand stitched and it includes intricate details like the woven picket, the Persian-lamb side-panels and the turned-wood closure. 



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