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Furniture Rejuvenation

Do have an old piece of furniture you love too much to toss but has lost its functionality? 

Before you throw away that piece of furniture, come to us and we will make it better than new again. We combine traditional furniture repair, refinishing and restoration with our product design knowledge to not only make your old furniture functional again but to give it a whole new life. We don't try to return it to its original state but rather use it as the basis to create some new.  

All the furniture below was either found on the street or at second-hand shops because it had no immediate function, we saw past the garbage it became and saw what needed to be done to create something that never could have been created otherwise.



 This set of mid-century modern chair had been recovered at some point in the late 1980's with a heinous polyester fabric. The mahogany legs were refinished in tung oil and the brass feet were polishes. The chairs were recovered in Japenese leather and four layers of 9-inch fringe were added to the seat backs for some much needed drama.   






This antique side table was traded for a houseplant. The table was quite wobbly and a lot of the wood veneer had chipped off. The table was re-glued to make it sturdy again, areas with missing veneer were filled in and 100% of the surfaces were painted with 6 coats of high gloss epoxy enamel to give the chair an almost plastic like appearance. 




antique bedside tableantique bedside table

This bedside table, with the makers mark of Oct 26 1948, was found on the street on garbage day presumably because the finish was discoloured and there was no drawer. The piece was stripped of its varnish and tung oil was applied for a rich natural look. A new drawer was created from painted steel and its bottom lined with a mirror for some added fun. 



This deck chair had seen better days, but after cleaning off the rust and removing the little bit of remaining rubber coating, a new appliance grade epoxy paint was applied, wooded feet were lathed, bison leather accents were added and a felted wool seat cushion was made. 



The wood on this stool was washed out and the finished scratching off, after restoring the frame, leather was meticulously woven to replace the cracked vinyl.


before image of metal chair wooly furry chair

This chair, made from a steel frame with vinyl upholstery, was once upon a time standard in kitchens across North America. With black Mongolian sheep skin upholstering newly padded seats this chair takes on a whole new look and feel. 


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