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Industrial Design Services

We offer a variety of design solutions based on your custom needs:


Our in-house Industrial Designer Thomas Hart holds a Bachelors of Design in Industrial Design with a minor in Furniture Design from OCAD Univesity. Thomas has an intriguing aesthetic that generally favours natural materials, geometry and a commitment to quality and product longevity. 


Whether you want a custom product made just for you, need help designing your home or business or need an experienced designer who can work with you to bring a product idea you have to the mass market, Thomas is ready to start working on custom solutions for all your design related needs. Thomas is not only trained as an Industrial Designer, but he is also a burgeoning master craftsperson, mostly in the areas of leathercraft, small product wood working, bespoke lighting and traditional textile techniuques such as weaving, plaiting and saddlstitching. 


Selection Of Industrial Design Works:


MCK Wallet (Designed for IPPINKA)

The client wanted to bring a wallet to market that solved the problem of pocket bulk. After several iterations, prototyping, and user testing, a solution was discovered that allowed the user to carry their cards, cash, and keys in one slim leather wallet. 

MCK wallet by IPPINKA

MKC Wallet for IPPINKA


KISKA Beverage System (Private Client)

Kiska is beverage system that tackles product longevity, multi-functionality, material toxicity, and ease of cleaning. Using nothing more than Canadian maple, glass, silicon, titanium, and marble, Kiska gives you a water filter, electric kettle, tea steeper, French press and drink chiller by using interchangeable parts on one standard vessel. Magnets embedded in silicon allow for a seamless attachment without crevices where dirt and bacteria could build up. 


Kiska beverage systemKiska beverage system

Kiska beverage systemKiska beverage system


Parking Meter Interface (Hypothetical Project)

Parking meters can be frustrating to figure out, especially for visitors, people who do not speak the local language, those with cognitive disabilities or people who simply have a hard time with technology. A more universally accessible interface was designed using symbols and easy to understand controls that do not require much effort or dexterity.  
Universally Accessible Parking Meter Design


Valet Stand (Private Label Product)

Many of us have that chair that holds more clothes than people and this dressing stand helps to eliminate that in a stylish way. With a surface to place keys and wallets, hooks for bags and coats, a place to drape pants, scarves and beach towels, and a large mirror to check yourself on the way out for the day. Full manufacturing instructions can be produced for any of the designs we work on. 

Technical drawings for furnitureTechnical drawings for furnitureModern Valet Stand







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