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We Welcome Custom Design Requests

Selling With Us

We are always on the lookout for new designers and makers who are looking for a place to sell their products. Here you will learn all about what we are looking for and how to have your products sold in our store and online. 

Make a living doing what you love without the effort involved in running your own shop. 


There are a number of things we are looking for when we decide to sell your products in our store and online. The following is a quick checklist we go through before deciding what products to carry. 

  • We only sell products made in Canada.
  • The products must be very high quality.
  • The products should be original designs. 
  • The products should not cause harm to the environment during their manufacture, use, and disposal.
  • A significant portion of the work should be done by hand or the product should have a handmade aesthetic. 
  • The product does not need to be one-of-a-kind but due to the craftsmanship, it should naturally be made in limited numbers. 
  • We especially like to support student, new and emerging talent. 
  • Generally we sell furniture, household products, accessories and decor items, however, we are always interested in seeing what you do and are willing to include other items we find truly special or unique. 
  • Please be conscious about where you source your materials as to avoid the exploitation of vulnerable workers. 


So if you feel like what you do would be a good fit, we would love to hear from you. Below you will find some more details on what happens once we start selling your products. 

  • We are makers and designers ourselves foremost, so we understand the connection you have with what you make and will always care for and promote your work as if it was our own. 
  • Your products will be available in our store and online. We take care of promoting your products and shipping the items that sell to our lucky customers. 
  • We do our best to feature as many products as possible on our social media accounts with credit to you and links your portfolio.
  • We sell all items on consignment and you will be paid each month for all the items that sold.
  • We understand handmade items are higher quality and far outlast cheaper alternatives and we consider this along with your time, material cost and effort when pricing items to make sure you are earning a living wage. 


If everything above sounds good with you, please send an email to with the following points covered. 

  • A brief bio on who you are, what you do and what makes your creations unique. 
  • Photographs or a link to your portfolio showing both completed and up close photos of at least 4 pieces of your best work. 
  • A rough expectation on how much you would like to earn on each of the pieces you showed us and why that price is justified. (Remember that makers only get a percentage of the final retail price and the final retail price plus tax must be reasonable for a customer to want to buy it)
  • Tell us whether you only do one-of-kind items, work in multiples or can take custom orders.
  • Anything else you think we might need to know about what you do.  


We look forward to working with you!

Once we have agreed to include your products in our store, please download and fill out the following excel file so we have all the details we need to promote your products as best we can.

The following links will open a new window, from the top menu bar you can choose to either open them directly in your google drive or download the files directly. Once the Product Inventory is completed, please send us an email with either the Excel file attached or a link to it in your Google Doc (please set your permissions for the document so we can have full editing capabilities in Google). Please bring in the vendor agreement with you when you drop off your products, if you do not have a printer, we will have one for you to sign. 

Click To Here Download The Product Inventory Form. (email back)

Click To Here Download The Vendor Agreement Form. (print or email back)




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