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Cast Bronze Statue (1 of 1)

$775.00 $1,000.00

Bronze Casting is a laborious process which first involves making a clay model of the form, which is then covered in silicon to make a negative. From that negative, a wax positive is created where further details of the piece are worked on. Plaster then surrounds the wax figure and using a process called "lost wax casting" molten bronze is poured into the plaster mould replacing the wax. Finally the plaster is broken away from the bronze inside and cleaning, polishing and finally a patina may be applied to alter the colour. Moulds degrade with each casting and therefore "number one" in the run is considered to be the most crisp and most valuable. 

This bronze statue is the first and only made from the mould and depicts a man, in the nude, posing for aspiring artists to draw or paint. 


23 cm tall
Made by Jade R.


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