Why Buy Handcrafted?

Quantity over quality has become the norm and we are here to shift that way of thinking.

It is no surprise that hand-crafted items cost more but we feel that the benefits of buying handmade products far outweigh the slightly higher price tag. Some of the reasons to buy handmade are:

  • You will get something that is much higher quality.
  • You won't have to replace the product over and over, handmade items are made to last.
  • You are supporting a local maker or designer who cares about what they do.
  • Handmade products are inherently more friendly to the environment than factory made goods as components and finished products are not being shipped from place to place. 
  • You will be getting something that is unique. Mass produced products need to appeal to a broad audience, but you have unique taste and when only a few units are being made, our designer can let their imagination go wild. 
  • A connection between you and your product will be made, as you'll see evidence of the thought and effort that was put into each piece; you get a story behind who made the item and how it came to be.