Wardrobe Rentals for TV & Film

Who Can Rent From Us?

Hart & Hive’s wardrobe collection is available to those working in the TV & Film Industry or for photo shoots and music videos. Renting of wardrobe items is not available to the general public, and a quick vetting process is required before rentals will be finalized. We do this to ensure our specialty items are available for our regular clients and remain in great condition.

There is a $50 minimum per order.

Please fill out the rental form below each time you submit a rental request.

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Rental Terms

Security Deposit

You must add the appropriate security deposit to your order before it will be processed. Any cleaning, repair, or replacement costs will be deducted from your deposit.

Our minimum order amount is $50. If your order is less than $50, the remaining will be deducted from your security deposit.

Your security deposit might not cover the full costs incurred by cleaning, repairs, or replacement, in this case your credit card will be charged for the remaining balance, or payment will be sought from you elsewhere.


All items must be returned clean and ready to rent. While it may not be required that every item is sent to a dry cleaners, any items that get returned which are in need of cleaning will be sent to a dry cleaners at your expense, plus a $50 fee, which will be deducted from your security deposit or charged to your credit card.

None of our items should ever be washed in a washing machine. All our items require professional cleaning.

If you need to send items to the dry cleaners before returning, and do not want to incur late fees on your rental period, please bring items to S & K Cleaners at 317 College Street and send a photo of the cleaners pick-up slip to us as well as drop the cleaners pick-up slip in the mail-slot around the corner at 415 Spadina Ave (not Spadina Road). We will consider the items returned on time if the pick-up slip is sent to us within the rental period. If you use S & K Cleaners, we will pick-up the clothes from them, you do not need to pick them up and bring them to us.


If an item is returned and requires repairs, the cost of repairs will be deducted from your security deposit, charged to your credit card, or sought from you elsewhere.